Cara Barseghian

Cara Barseghian (aka The Black Russian) is actually half Armenian, and brings exoticism and percussive expertise to the line-up. Her singing life started in the usual way – school choirs and musicals were her outlet for vaguely exhibitionistic tendencies, followed by stellar roles in local productions such as Oklahoma. Cara showed operatic promise in her ‘3 Cowgirl’ role – which … Read More

Michael Coates

Michael Coates is the token male in the Cocktail Party, more by accident than design. He went to public school, which explains a lot. Many years ago he was in a fine Brighton band called the Dandies, who were nearly famous. A few years later, having moved to London, he wrote most of the songs for some political musicals for … Read More

Jayne Knights

Jayne Knights (aka Miss Margarita) is the blonde member of The Cocktail Party and is thoroughly enjoying herself in this latest chapter of her singing life. She did the rounds of competitive singing competitions in her home town of Birmingham, until adolescence and a perfectly reasonable desire to avoid public humiliation set in. She then progressed to various princessy roles … Read More