The Cocktail Party was formed in Brighton in 2006 when Michael put an ad in a music shop, with the intention of finding another singer-songwriter (probably male) to write and perform with, and perhaps getting a small band together. Meanwhile Jayne and Cara were looking for another singing outlet apart from their regular a capella girlie group Decibelle. They saw Michael’s ad, and decided that they need look no further. They rang Michael to inform him of this fact. He put up a small but hopeless struggle, and then realised that in fact the last thing he needed was another singer-songwriter (probably male). There are some forces of nature you can’t fight. So they got together to see what would happen.

Happily, the combination of Michael’s sophisticated lyrics and soaring melodies, and Jayne and Cara’s soaring voices and sophisticated cleavages, has proved to be a winner. As their name implies, they have evolved into a classy cabaret-style trio, with the emphasis on intricate harmonies and lyrical zest… penetratingly satirical yet somehow poignant…. presented for your pleasure with a suave but mischievous urbanity. And some rude bits. And yes, they can do weddings. Come and see us play!


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