Cara Barseghian (aka The Black Russian) is actually half Armenian, and brings exoticism and percussive expertise to the line-up.

Her singing life started in the usual way – school choirs and musicals were her outlet for vaguely exhibitionistic tendencies, followed by stellar roles in local productions such as Oklahoma. Cara showed operatic promise in her ‘3 Cowgirl’ role – which was surpassed only by triumphant appearances as a fairy and a herald – and the opera crush developed into a full-on passion: the other Cocktailers are very supportive of Cara’s ambitions for world-wide opera superstardom. While waiting for La Scala to call, Cara is lucky enough to be able to sing on a daily basis as part of her work –singing to and with anyone, from babies to foreign students.

It was through her friendship with Jayne that Cara was bludgeoned into joining a Brighton community choir, which then led to the wonderful years of cake, wine and a cappella with the lovely Decibelle. In addition, to satisfy those classical urges, Michael and Cara are now two-eighths of a local early music choir, ‘Bunch of Daphs’.

La Scala will just have to wait – we’re having too much fun being The Cocktail Party, obsessions, neuroses and all.

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