Waiting in the wings

Waiting In the Wings

now so many years gone by and you’d think I might have learnt a thing or two it doesn’t seem to work that way maybe human nature is the clue ‘cos people make so many same mistakes and perhaps everybody bears the scars and although we may be in the gutter now some of us are staring at the stars … Read More

Obituary writers

Obituary Writers

we’re the obituary writers that’s our daily toil we bring you news of those who’ve shuffled off their mortal coil it never fails to delight us to say the very least that we should make our living from the recently deceased   words and music ⓒ2015 by Michael Coates   Back to SONGS

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

I thought we understood each other from the start we’d have to spend a whole lot of time apart let’s take it nice and slow now there’s only so far we can go now cos I can give you only as much as I can give you, you know why I love you baby, yeah but terms and conditions apply … Read More

Deep dark blue

Deep Dark Blue

I remember the times when we had nothing planned we played guitar on the sand singing “love, love me do” we had the world in our hands every day thought that’s how it would stay just shows how much we knew and now the world is turning deep dark blue   words and music ⓒ2015 by Michael Coates   Back … Read More



bird flu, anthrax, thrush, I’ve had the lot I’ve just caught something new, they won’t say what I’ve searched all through the media and looked on Wikipedia and now I know exactly what I think I’ve got hypochondria – it’s the ultimate disease hypochondria – just a minute – I think I may be going to sneeze   words and … Read More

Classical music

Classical Music

we used to like disco and reggae and rap and hip-hop, now we’re so bored with that crap we’ve given up garage and grime and now we spend all our time listening to symphonies, cos we love old school sonatas and arias are seriously cool we’re mad about oratorios, and piano quintets classical music is the best it ever gets … Read More