In my life . . .

In My Life

there are places I’ll remember all my life and some have changed some forever, not for better some have gone and some remain all these places had their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall some are dead and some are living in my life, I’ve loved them all words and music by Paul McCartney; John Lennon Back to … Read More

Can’t help lovin’

Can't help lovin'

fish got to swim, birds got to fly I got to love one man till I die can’t help loving that man of mine tell me he’s lazy, tell me he’s slow tell me I’m crazy – maybe I know can’t help loving that man of mine words by Jerome Kern and music by Oscar Hammerstein II Back to SONGS  


Fairytale artwork by Jim Anderson

it’s Christmas Eve, babe, and we’ve been to Asda we have to shop there now instead of Waitrose it isn’t what we chose – we’ve had to compromise financial meltdown means we must economise… we used to drink the finest wines and dance the night away now it looks like we’ll be broke by Christmas Day   words ⓒ2015 by … Read More

Another time

Another Time

so as I head towards my final destination to start the journey again I’m not afraid to go for in my heart I know that it all comes round in the end in another time   words and music ⓒ2015 by Michael Coates   Back to SONGS

Brighton dreams

Brighton Dreams

there’s a lady down the seafront called Eva Petulengro for fifty quid she’ll tell you what’s inside her crystal ball you may like what’s in store and want to find out more but maybe there’ll be nothing there at all and all around you hear the sound of everybody chasing their own Brighton dreams   words and music ⓒ2015 by … Read More

Cocktail party

The Cocktail Party

life would be much sweeter with a Margarita have a Slippery Nipple or two a Piña Colada or Brandy Alexander think what an Alabama Slammer could do for you or try a Slow Comfortable Screw we know what you want and we’ve got it….   words and music ⓒ2015 by Michael Coates   Back to SONGS

In the mood

In The Mood

every day we go into the office at eight twenty years of working and we’ve never been late live our life the way we always knew we would do mortgages and children and a pension plan too but somewhere deep inside we like to be a bit rude so every night we go out jogging in the nude in the … Read More

Love thy neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour

their wisteria’s superior it’s so much better than mine it drives me mad that I’ve never had one even half so fine and when I feel inferior it hurts in my interior i can’t get that wisteria out of my mind   words and music ⓒ2015 by Michael Coates   Back to SONGS



If we can’t turn it off we should leave our love on standby put a hold on all the plans we had don’t get me wrong i don’t want our loving to die but I’d rather turn it off than turn it bad – it’s too bad   words and music ⓒ2015 by Michael Coates   Back to SONGS

The face

The Face

spread your wings and we’ll fly, my love we’ll fly down to the south where the wine is as cool as the wind and my lips will steal your mouth oh no – I need a place to come and go I’ve just remembered I don’t know your name and I wonder if I should I’m full of something that … Read More