Perfect therapy

Perfect Therapy

so we have been together now for ages, it appears and both of us are fit, and in our prime we hope that our relationship goes on for years and years but it needs a little help from time to time we’re trying to think of anything to stop us getting stale maybe we should move, or get a pet … Read More



I’ve spent my life always being there if someone’s ever in trouble somewhere but now I’ve finally understood I’m sick and tired of being good I’d change my life if I only could and I’d make it all about me, me, me I’ve asked myself and I agree from now on it’s all going to be about me   Me … Read More

Beautiful computer

My Beautiful Computer

my email’s finally given up the ghost exactly when I needed it the most I can’t go on, I don’t know how the outlook’s pretty bleak right now for heaven’s sake – I’ll have to use the post! oh, I love my computer but I’m going to end up in the funny farm my beautiful computer’s doing me harm   … Read More

Only want to kiss you

Only Want To Kiss You

  I find that life can sometimes be surprising when I’ve had more margaritas than I should I end up somewhere as the sun is rising doing things I never knew I could every Friday night you ask me to some party and I don’t ever really want to go but then you feed me cocktails and I’m well and … Read More